Pointless Pills #11

There was a time when he couldn’t wear anything white, otherwise the blood would have showed up everywhere. At that time he didn’t know what was going on in his life. But he liked to dress in black anyway, and that kept him going.

Another time, for a while, he really believed he was like everyone else. What he thought was normal. A job he didn’t like, a car he didn’t need, a woman he didn’t love. At that time he didn’t ask himself too many questions, and that kept him going.

Then, the time when time disappeared. He was living in the desert then, although he couldn’t remember its name. Nothing was wrong, nothing was right. He tried to learn the language of the stars. He failed, but trying kept him going.

And so many others. Plus the forgotten ones. So many moments, whispering from nowhere.

And what, now. They say the present is the most important moment. Does he agree?

He stops what he is doing. His eyes fly through the restaurant’s window. Outside there is Spring, deep, hard spring. Almost 10pm and everything is shining in Renaissance oil colors. His shift is almost done and he’ll have to run to his second job, the real one. The one that keep him awake at night. And keep him going.

The supervisor pops up over his shoulder, ehy mate, you alive?

And maybe he’s smiling, but he doesn’t know that.

“I’ll be in five minutes.”




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